Fun New Tangle: All Boxed Up

BoxItUp-alice-hendonsubmittedto lindaapril5 copy

Here is a fun new tangle for you to try out!

All Boxed Up was developed while I was entranced with stacking tangles.

I wanted a tangle that was versatile, one that was flexible, one that could be used in all circumstances.


This version of All Boxed Up on the left was drawn exactly as you see it in the step out. I tangled seven rows, one on top of the other.

You can see that it has the appearance of an optical illusion in the photo on the left. The photo on the right is the exact same piece of art – shaded.

I just shaded along the lines of the V’s made in the corners of the boxes.

What a difference this made!


I wondered what would happen if I made the boxes various widths.

The height stayed the same, but I varied how wide I made the spaces that I then boxed in.

You can see that All Boxed Up still performed just wonderfully!


So, what would happen if I turned the rows of boxes in towards each other?

The result was these wonderful little white lines of space. That middle section is All Boxed Up inverted.


Next I not only made my width of boxes varied, I also made the height of the boxes varied.

All Boxed Up was still performing very well!


I wondered what would happen if I made two identical rows of All Boxed Up, while varying both the height and width of the spaces.

That middle band is what happened and I love it!


From there I just wanted to play with height, width, depth, and boldness.

In this last drawing I used just three tangles total:

All Boxed Up, footlites, and printemps.

This one drawing shows the true versatility and flexibility of All Boxed Up.

I hope that you will take my little tangle and play with it yourself!

Ina, Simona, and myself would love for you to post your finished work

on the Tangle It! Journal Facebook group wall.

Have a great week!

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